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Doublestar Tyres

Post by Kelvin » 02 Mar 2020, 01:35

Item Description Brand Code Price
155R12C 88/86N DS805 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0001 $69.00
175/13LT 97/95R DL01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0002 $85.00
185R14C 102/100R DL01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0015 $102.00
185/65R15 88H DH05 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0036 $81.00
195/55R15 85H DH05 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0049 $81.00
195/65R15 91V DH05 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0062 $77.00
195/85R15 113/111L DS805 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0076 $125.00
195R15 107/105N DS805 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0078 $106.00
195R15C 106/104Q DL01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0079 $106.00
215/70R15C 109/107R DL01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0087 $131.00
195/60R16 89V DU01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0102 $86.00
195/85R16C 114/110R DL01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0105 $139.00
205/55R16 91V DH05 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0116 $84.00
205/60R16 92H DH05 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0129 $89.00
205/75R16C 110/108R DL01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0142 $131.00
215/60R16 99H DH05 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0148 $87.00
215/75R16C 113/111R DL01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0163 $142.00
225/75R16C 121/120R DL01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0171 $153.00
215/45R17 91W DU01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0197 $96.00
215/50R17 91V DU01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0210 $104.00
215/60R17 100H DS01 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0229 $111.00
225/45R17 94W DH02 DS (CN) Doublestar PCR0236 $100.00
1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #02-54 Singapore 417883 92278999 87178999
48 Toh Guan Road East #02-140 Singapore 608586 92718999 93268999
280 Woodlands Ind Park E5 #01-43 Singapore 757322 84818999 93258999
Opening hours: Mon to Sat 10am to 8pm (Closed on Sun and Public Holidays)
Price listed are subjected to changes without prior notice. Please confirm the prices with staff at shop. Thank you.

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