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Kumho Tyres

Post by Kelvin » 02 Mar 2020, 01:35

Item Description Brand Code Price
165/55R14 72H PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0004 $81.00
185/65R14 86T ES31 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0011 $79.00
165/50R15 73V PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0017 $90.00
165/65R15 81T ES31 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0018 $77.00
175/60R15 81H KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0019 $81.00
175/65R15 84T ES31 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0020 $81.00
175/65R15 84H KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0021 $90.00
185/55R15 82H KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0024 $81.00
185/60R15 84V PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0028 $81.00
185/60R15 84T ES31 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0029 $87.00
185/65R15 88H KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0035 $81.00
195/45R15 78V PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0045 $93.00
195/45R15 78V HS51 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0046 $98.00
195/55R15 85V HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0051 $96.00
195/60R15 88H KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0057 $82.00
195/65R15 91H KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0064 $89.00
205/65R15 94H KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0081 $93.00
185/50R16 81V HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0089 $93.00
195/55R16 87V HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0099 $98.00
205/45R16 87W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0107 $100.00
205/45R16 87Y KU39 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0108 $116.00
205/60R16 96V PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0130 $98.00
205/60R16 96V KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0131 $106.00
215/55R16 97W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0143 $128.00
215/60R16 95V PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0149 $102.00
215/60R16 95V ES31 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0151 $118.00
215/60R16C 103T KC53 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0153 $142.00
215/65R16 98H KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0158 $113.00
225/50R16 92W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0164 $130.00
225/60R16 98V KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0168 $104.00
235/60R16 100H KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0172 $142.00
205/40R17 84W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0174 $106.00
205/40R17 84Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0175 $123.00
205/50R17 93W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0181 $119.00
205/50R17 93W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0182 $122.00
205/55R17 91W ES31 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0188 $108.00
205/55R17 91V HS51 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0189 $125.00
215/40R17 87W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0193 $113.00
215/40R17 87W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0194 $116.00
215/40R17 87W HS51 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0195 $134.00
215/45R17 91W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0198 $113.00
215/45R17 91W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0199 $119.00
215/45R17 91Y KU39 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0200 $123.00
215/45R17 91Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0201 $133.00
215/45R17 91W HS51 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0202 $135.00
215/50R17 95W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0211 $124.00
215/50R17 95W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0212 $128.00
215/55R17 94W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0218 $117.00
215/55R17 94W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0219 $131.00
225/45R17 91W KU50 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0237 $118.00
225/45R17 94W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0238 $131.00
225/45R17 94Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0240 $144.00
225/50R17 98W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0253 $140.00
225/50R17 98Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0254 $154.00
225/55R17 97V KU50 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0258 $124.00
225/55R17 101W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0259 $131.00
225/60R17 99H KL33 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0269 $125.00
225/65R17 102H KL21 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0271 $131.00
235/45R17 97W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0275 $120.00
235/45R17 97Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0276 $135.00
235/55R17 99H KH27 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0284 $113.00
235/65R17 104V HP91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0287 $172.00
245/40R17 95Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0290 $147.00
245/45R17 95W HS51 KH (CN) Kumho PCR0296 $134.00
245/45R17 95W PS31 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0297 $136.00
215/55R18 95H KH11 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0302 $169.00
225/40R18 92W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0304 $147.00
225/40R18 88W KU50 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0305 $148.00
225/40R18 92Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0306 $172.00
225/45R18 91W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0318 $158.00
225/45R18 95Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0319 $182.00
225/45R18 95Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0322 $196.00
235/40R18 95W PS31 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0339 $172.00
235/45R18 98Y KU39 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0344 $183.00
235/50R18 101Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0349 $201.00
235/50R18 97W HP91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0350 $206.00
235/60R18 107V HP91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0358 $213.00
245/40R18 97W PS31 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0366 $167.00
245/40R18 97Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0367 $182.00
245/50R18 100W PS31 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0382 $185.00
265/35R18 97Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0402 $247.00
275/40R18 99W PS31 KH (VN) Kumho PCR0406 $195.00
225/35R19 88Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0412 $229.00
225/35R19 88Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0413 $235.00
225/40R19 93Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0421 $225.00
225/45R19 96Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0425 $204.00
225/55R19 99V KL33 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0429 $212.00
235/35R19 91Y KU39 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0431 $210.00
235/35R19 91Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0433 $247.00
235/55R19 105W HP91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0443 $241.00
245/35R19 93Y KU39 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0446 $214.00
245/40R19 98Y KU39 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0452 $212.00
255/40R19 100Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0473 $239.00
265/35R19 98Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0483 $256.00
265/50R19 110Y HP91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0487 $251.00
275/30R19 96Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0490 $271.00
275/35R19 100Y KU39 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0494 $240.00
305/30R19 102Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0508 $277.00
235/30R20 88Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0510 $258.00
245/30R20 90Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0512 $287.00
245/35R20 95Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0514 $293.00
255/35R20 97Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0525 $286.00
255/45R20 105W HP91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0527 $303.00
275/35R20 102Y PS71 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0536 $263.00
275/40R20 106Y PS91 KH (KR) Kumho PCR0541 $306.00
1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #02-54 Singapore 417883 92278999 87178999
48 Toh Guan Road East #02-140 Singapore 608586 92718999 93268999
280 Woodlands Ind Park E5 #01-43 Singapore 757322 84818999 93258999
Opening hours: Mon to Sat 10am to 8pm (Closed on Sun and Public Holidays)
Price listed are subjected to changes without prior notice. Please confirm the prices with staff at shop. Thank you.

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