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LTA Keeping and Classic Scheme

Post by Kelvin » 05 Sep 2019, 11:59

Dear Members,

Appended below are information regarding the requirements for the Keeping Scheme and Class Vehicle Scheme by LTA.

Keeping Scheme for Deregistered Vehicle
The Keeping Scheme allows vehicle owners to keep deregistered vehicle(s) in a private compound for static display purposes. The scheme is subjected to conditions and LTA’s approval. We encourage owners to contact us early, 1-2 month prior to their motorcycle’s deregistration. Please refer to the attached application form for information on the terms and conditions.

Application Form (D02)
Please note that the keeping period is renewable every 3 years. An application fee of $642 (inclusive of GST) is payable for each application or renewal. The vehicle has to be kept in a condition where the engine and chassis numbers can be inspected as LTA will carry out ad-hoc audits. Failing which, the application may be revoked and the vehicle has to be disposed of within 14 days.

Once the keeping scheme application has been approved by LTA, it cannot be transferred to another party and the vehicle cannot be removed from the garage address or used on any road. If the Applicant decides to withdraw from the application or if there were breaches to the application, the said vehicle has to be disposed of either via scrap or export within 14 days from revocation. Once the vehicle(s) is deregistered and emplaced under this scheme, it cannot be relicensed. As an exception, Keeping Scheme vehicles that do not meet the age requirement to be registered into the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) at the point of deregistration may re-register into the CVS if it meets the conditions later.
Owner who are interested to apply to emplace their deregistered vehicle under the Keeping Scheme will need to submit the following documents for our assessment:
Formal letter from the vehicle owner to keep the vehicle(s) upon its deregistration (please indicate the reason for keeping, garage location and duration of keeping)
If the intended garage location is owned by the vehicle owner, please submit a copy of the Title Deed
If the intended garage location is on lease or sub-lease, please let us have a copy of the lease agreement and an official approval from the landlord granting consent to allow the vehicle owner to keep the vehicle within the premises for a minimum period of 3 years, or perpetually.
After receiving the above documents, we will arrange for a site visit to the intended garage location for assessment. Upon approval, we will guide the owner on the following:
Submission of the relevant forms
Affixing a pantone-coloured licence plate and sealing of the plate at LTA-appointed inspection centre
To complete a statutory declaration [note: statutory declaration executed by a Commissioner for Oath officer in LTA is chargeable at $26.75 (inclusive of GST)].
Owners may write in to request to emplace their vehicle under the Keeping Scheme via

Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)
If a motorcycle/scooter was deregistered and emplaced under the Keeping Scheme, it can be re-registered under the CVS when it has reached 35 years old from its original registration date. The vehicle must also meet the following criteria:

It was deregistered before 1 August 2012; or
If it was deregistered on or after 1 August 2012, it must be less than 35 years old and cannot be a classic motorcycle/scooter when it was deregistered.

Once it is registered as a classic vehicle, ownership of the vehicle cannot be changed for the first 5 years.
Approval must be obtained from LTA's Vehicle Approval and Control Division through the Vehicle Inspection and Type Approval System (VITAS) to confirm that the vehicle can comply with the technical, safety and emission requirements for registration in Singapore.
You may access the following link for more information about the CVS: ... c-car.html
1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #02-54 Singapore 417883 92278999 87178999
48 Toh Guan Road East #02-140 Singapore 608586 92718999 93268999
280 Woodlands Ind Park E5 #01-43 Singapore 757322 84818999 93258999
Opening hours: Mon to Fri 10am to 6.30pm, Sat 10am to 5.30pm (Closed on Sun and Public Holidays)
Price listed are subjected to changes without prior notice. Please confirm the prices with staff at shop. Thank you.

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